Whatever the circumstances, there is a Christian way of responding to them. Nowadays, when there are vast social problems which need Christian solutions, the signs of the times have to include not only our own own immediate environment, but the broader world: the neighborhood, city, or nation, in which we live — indeed the whole world and the future of the human race. Relying on the Holy Spirit, we must choose how to respond to the signs of the time out of our Christian tradition.

Thomas Keating, “Epilogue,” The Heart of the World

During the September conference in Denver, Colorado, various attendees will be sharing their reflections, images and audio and video clips of the people and happenings.  Check this site often or you can sign-up to receive email notifications of new posts.

Theme: “Timeless Centering Prayer: New Vision, New Energy”



Deep resonance from Fr. Keating in selections played from the new DVD, “That We May Be One: Christian Non-Duality.” To paraphrase: Oneness means that we may be a container for God. And what’s the best stance to be a container? Emptiness. It’s very simple . . . And very hard to do.


Amazing Sunday morning presentation from Dr. Christine O’Brien Travers on “Contemplative Practices and the Brain: Insights in Spiritual Transformation.” She seemlesly integrated scientific research, our collective wisdom from the contemplative traditions, and her personal experiences from life and family into a beautiful message of joy, gratitude, newness. If you can do nothing else in a difficult moment, yawn and say “ahhhhh!”

Our time here has gone by quickly, I have many wonderful people from all parts of the world and seem the face of God. Love spoke loudly here and our.  Common thread made us one.  You can feel the Spirit at work.  As we journey home physically and spiritually we take we us the knowledge that we belong to a great family.   The connections we made will no doubt helps us along our way. Thank you everyone.😍


State College, Pa

A long beautiful day

Today was a working day spent looking at the programs offered from CO Ltd.  The board has inspired all of us with a beautiful attitude of openness.

After a long day of caring for all the needs of our beloved Contemplative Outreach it has been a refreshing evening sitting with new friends.  Sharing around a table about our lives, our spiritual journey and love for this organization is a true blessing.

Cathy Mann Christiansen

Co-coordinator for Nebraska